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Taegen Poles has the perfect name for a racecar driver. Poles are high on the list of things any racecar driver strives for and Taegen is certainly no exception.  Her eyes are set on a future in motorsport, and she is looking forward to pursuing her passion.  This year marks her eleventh season in karting, second season as a development driver for Brian Graham Racing, and second season racing in the CASC Ice Racing Series.

Primarily based out of the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Taegen continues to race in the Rotax Senior class on an OTK chassis.   She will be competing at a national level for a ninth season, and will be participating in her eighth Canadian National Championship in Mont-Tremblant. This year marks a year of change for Taegen. As she is graduating from high school, her schedule is limited by living away from home, but she will be on track as often as possible.

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